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Steve Papermaster, Chairman and CEO of BSG Alliance, Spearheads Digital Transformation in MENA, Drawing on Decades of Success with Global Leaders


Summary: BSG Alliance aims to replicate global success with industry giants in emerging MENA markets.


Steve Papermaster, Chairman and CEO of BSG Alliance, has unveiled a pioneering initiative to drive technological innovation across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This strategic endeavor builds upon BSG’s 40-year history of success with global industry leaders, including longstanding partnerships with Aramco, Western Reserve Mining Company, Al Quraishi Group, and Hongke Group.



Image Caption: Steve Papermaster, Chairman and CEO of BSG Alliance


“Our extensive experience serving diverse, world-class organizations has uniquely positioned us for this opportunity,” Papermaster stated. “We’re bringing to MENA not only our technological expertise but also the insights and best practices gained from four decades of collaboration with industry giants across various sectors and continents.”


The comprehensive MENA strategy includes:


Customized Innovation: Developing tailored solutions to address specific regional challenges, drawing on BSG’s experience with Aramco in the energy sector and Al Quraishi Group in diversified industries.


Cross-Industry Expertise: Applying learnings from work with Western Reserve Mining Company to enhance efficiency and sustainability in MENA’s resource sectors.


Global-Local Synergy: Utilizing insights from international collaborations, such as with Hongke Group, to foster innovation that blends global standards with local needs.


Tech Talent Development: Implementing robust training programs inspired by successful global partnerships to cultivate local tech talent in MENA.


Strategic Alliances: Forging new partnerships in MENA, modeled on BSG’s long-term relationships with industry leaders, to create a thriving innovation ecosystem.


Papermaster emphasized, “Our collaborations with Aramco, Western Reserve Mining Company, Al Quraishi Group, and Hongke Group have been more than client relationships – they’ve been partnerships in innovation. We’re excited to bring this collaborative spirit and accumulated expertise to drive digital transformation in MENA.”


BSG Alliance’s expansion in MENA builds on its proven ability to deliver sophisticated software platforms and integrate emerging technologies across various sectors. The company’s new Saudi Arabia office, established in 2024, serves as the cornerstone of this regional growth strategy.


“As we embark on this new chapter in MENA, we carry with us the trust and experiences gained from working with some of the world’s most respected companies,” Papermaster concluded. “We’re committed to fostering similar long-term, transformative partnerships in this region, driving innovation that spans industries and borders.”


About BSG Alliance


Founded in 1982, BSG Alliance is a global leader in advanced software solutions and computing platforms. With a distinguished client roster including Aramco, Western Reserve Mining Company, Al Quraishi Group, and Hongke Group, BSG specializes in AI-driven technologies, cloud services, and strategic tech consulting. The company’s expansion in MENA, marked by its new Saudi Arabia office, underscores its commitment to driving technological advancement worldwide and fostering innovation in emerging markets.


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